Monday, 13 February 2012

A Selection of New Poems

Haltwhistle Burn.

Through natural beauty forged over millennia
we walk as a family for the moment as
so many have tread the rough stone and mud
and as ancient observers will see us again.
River gushing wild as hearts, sun spots through
leafy covering like the sparkle of life and
fresh smell matching children's vitality.
Bridges and fences are man-made imposters that
emphasise nature's power to carve intricate patterns
in rocky boundaries like the path of life.
In summer, alive with flowers reproducing.and lush greenery.
The same place in winter so barren, unforgiving but life will renew.
Looking up at thowering hills where at top can see forever,
down at rolling shadows and all that is.

The Sea

In and out, in and out
calm or choppy, waves never stop
view for miles to horizon thats
out there somewhere.
Flows between two headlands with
small islands inbetween apart by not much.
Tide lapping sandy shore clean, ebbing and flowing.
Children's squeals drowning out the swish of waves.

Recipe for Love

5 flowing ounces of friendship
A cupful of chemistry
A sprinkle of compromise
2 cupfuls of chatter
A handful of humour

Parental tasks

You've got to be ...
Role model
Giver and receiver of affection
and more.
No one gets it right all the time
but if you try they'll soon forgive.

Salt n Pepper

Although the years will pass and sprinkle salt,
Signs of oldness on the outside,
The accompanying sprinkle of pepper keeps
A spring in the step and a smile in the minds,
Keeps the heart lively and lets life continue to sparkle.

A world without mobiles

Unimagineable that only a few short years ago we
Didnt have a clever piece of plastic attached surgically,
As necessary now almost as breath.
Unimageinable not being able to use at any given second.
If taken now the loss would be unbearable but
If had never known would have continued happily without
As do the very young and very old.

Romance in Heaven

Do you get to get jiggy
In the upstairs city?
What of those who've grown astray,
Do they reconcile or get to stay away?
A world with love must surely
Continue up above.

Our world of contrast

One with: wars
But also: Love
Note that 1st is man-made while
latter is not.

Things Money can't buy

A loving cuddle
Children's chuckles
A friend being kind
Knowing you're on someones mind
Sunshine after rain
Lover calling your name
Buzz of a bargain
Private joke shared again and again.


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